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Title: Senator Cotton is so right!
Post by: Christians4LessGvt on March 12, 2020, 07:10:10 PM
Senator Cotton is so right. We can't allow China to have that kind of power over us....

There is little doubt in my mind that this virus is man-made. It is a product of China who Trump has hurt badly with America First and bringing jobs back to the US. Deep State people like Brennan could be involved with China. The Deep State and China know that the economy is Trump's ticket to re-election and so they are trying to crash the economy less than 8 months out from the election. Does anybody really believe that it's a total coincidence that we first start with Russia/Mueller Crisis, next the Impeachment Crisis, and now this new virus crisis to kill the economy right before the election? This is another coup attempt by very evil people.
Title: Re: Senator Cotton is so right!
Post by: Christians4LessGvt on March 13, 2020, 11:32:45 AM
The Death Rate for Coronavirus for People Under 50 is Just 0.1%, or 1 Out of 1,000 Infections

Now that more data about the Wuhan Coronavirus is coming out from a reliable source, namely South Korea, irrational fears should subside. Of course, that likely won't be the case since so many Americans are being irrational about the manufactured terror stimulated by a mainstream media industrial complex that is bent on doing harm to America for the sake of November election considerations.

This is why good news out of South Korea is barely being reported by American mainstream media. The government there is adjusting their strategies now that they understand the severity of the disease has been overblown by the World Health Organization and others. Much of what was originally reported was based on data from China, but now that Italy and South Korea have enough cases for statistical significance, we can start getting a better picture of what we?re dealing with. Thankfully, the picture is looking better than most expected.

We can trust the data coming out of South Korea for two reasons. First, they are testing so many people that they're getting an accurate understanding of the scope of the infection. Second, they are not a nation known for propaganda; their government and press work hard to make the available truth known.

This is why it's so important to understand the motivations of American media outlets when they report on the coronavirus. Left-leaning Business Insider reported the same numbers we're getting, yet they spun them so badly to turn the legend of the coronavirus (as compared to the reality of it) into one of devastation. It was a display of Propaganda 101: Make good news seem bad by framing it unfairly.

Here's the reality based on data from South Korea:

Infected people age 50-59 are at a 0.4% death rate.

It drops dramatically to 0.09% for those 40-49 and 0.12% for those 30-39.

Currently, the death rate for those under 30 is at 0.00%; meaning no more than 1 or 2 young people have died out of nearly 8,000 infected.
To put it into perspective, that translates to one person dying out of 1000 infected among people under 50, and four deaths out of 1000 people between 50-59. The death rate for people under 50 is effectively the same whether they contract the coronavirus or the flu.

Does that mean shouldn't be concerned? Of course not. Once we add in older Americans, the death rate goes up dramatically. In South Korea, infected people 60-69 have a 1.44% death rate. 70-79 age range jumps to 4.83%. Those over 80-years-old who were infected died 8.23% of the time. The disease is clearly very dangerous to the elderly.

The elderly or those who come in contact with the elderly must take major precautions. The disease is exponentially more deadly to them than people under age 50. Everyone else needs to calm down. Catching it is very likely not the end of your world.