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3DHS / Riddle me this.....
« on: April 12, 2017, 02:57:12 PM »
Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, appropriately dug a bit of a hole, when he proclaimed that Hitler never gased his citizens.  He tried to correct, but still didn't make it as clear as he meant.  Everyone knew what he meant, but in today's hyperage of reflex reporting of anything negative-Trump, it came off as callous to what the Holocaust was all about out

Ok, I get was a bad attempt at comparing Assad to Hitler......and yet, where's the outrage at all the efforts being made to paint Trump as Hitler??....the GOP as the Nazi party??....The border wall to the Berlin wall??....Supporters of Trump as Facsists/White Supremacists??

Can anyone say 'Double Standard'??

3DHS / The Gorsuch Conundrum
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:13:57 PM »
I'm no fan of Senator McConnell, but he did lay it out pretty clearly.....Gorsuch will be confirmed to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court, later this week.  Merely that the Democrats get to chose how that happens

Which begs the question, why would the Democrats waste so much political capital & energy on hopelessly trying to block someone who previsouly had unanimous approval for his current circuit court Judgeship, by a similar Senate??  That's actually easy.....the hardcore left lacks rational thought.  The consitueucy to so many of these DC democrats are hardcore leftists, who hate Trump so much, that all manner of rational thought has been extinguished.  That overt level of ingornace is what keeps so many Democrats in power, but to hold that power, they must feed that in point as we cue the Gorsuch confirmation hearing:

- His ideology does appear to be conservative by the nature of his comments, but more so his rulings, in which he's replacing a stauch conservative on the Supreme Court.  That's fair in and of itself.  But that requires rational thought to grasp

- The GOP invoked none other than the Democrat's own "Biden rule", (one that incidentally had no basis of support to begin with, but they were in the Majority, and they inoked it,) in which during a Presidential election season, that the senate does not have to bring to vote any Judicial nominee.  So the Dems should be themselves, for such a ridiculous rule to begin with.  So the GOP rolled the dice, and it came up Trump-eyes.....Trump gets to name the nominee, period.  But once again, that is to be ignored in favor of the irrational

- it was the Democrats who actually changed the rules to allow all manner of Presidential appointments to pass with a simple majority, including all Judges up to SCOTUS level.  They can rationalize why they did it all they want, but it was the left that went into unprecedented mode for getting nominees passed, while they were in the majority.  But history was never properly embraced by the irrational

- and lastly, the idea that Gorsuch is somehow beholden to corporations at the expense of "the little guy".  Here is the BIGGEST example of how each party sees the Judicial system.  Historically, the Judicial branch is ONLY supposed to rule on existing law.....laws passed by the Legislative branch, and signed into law by the Executive branch.  It's not the role of a Judge to consider if its a good law or a bad law.  Justice is supposed to be blind, and with all the derrogatory statements aimed at Gorsuch about not ruling for "the little guy", not once was it ever referenced that Gorsuch didn't rule in favor of existing law.  His record has apparently been impeccable in ruling in favor of the law, and it doesn't matter who that favored, be it corporations or "the little guy".  Gorsuch went into detail with Feinstein, during is confirmation questioning, providing example after example after example, where the law favored "the little guy" in which he ruled for.  But with the left, that's how they see the Judiciacy....not as an arbitor of the law, but as some social justice warrior.... social justice as defined by liberal ideology of course, and the law be damned

THAT's the ignrance leftist politicians thrive on.  That's how they can get away with smearing Justice Gorsuch, with the notion he "doesn't care about the little guy"

3DHS / It's ILLEGAL immigration!!!
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:42:21 PM »
Getting so sick to death how these leftists keep getting pass after pass after pass after pass by the media, when they keep proclaiming their overt resistance to cooperating with ICE and the Federal Government, as it relates to immigration is regarding not just ILLEGAL immigrants, but those ILLEGAL immigrants who have been convicted in vile CRIMES, including murder, rape, & molestation.  Feds reimburse states and cities for incracerating those very ILLEGAL immigrants, so when Sessions indicates their intention to pull such funding states & cities who don't intend to cooperate with federal law, have no legal, moral, or credible leg to stand on.  They are literally protecting murderers, rapists, and child molesters from deportation because........ ?? 

CA Congress critter, Kevin De Leon, is trying to get a state bill passed here, that makes it illegal for Law Enforcement to cooperate with ICE and the Fed.   WHAT PLANET ARE THESE LEFTISTS ON??  The funding isn't about "deputizing local police and law enforcement to act as immigration agents", simply that the Fed recognizes they're holding them, for whatever crime they've committed or charged with.  If they're not going to inform ICE, or even answer the phone when ICE requests if criminal so-n-so is to be released, they have no business claiming about the need to protect its citizens, nor accepting tax dollars from any other state

3DHS / Before the left and media start piling on.....
« on: March 24, 2017, 05:39:14 PM »
.... Yes, this is the 1st big defeat of Trump's administration (that of the ACHA being pulled from being voted on)  It didn't have the GOP votes to pass in the House (we won't even discuss the Senate here). 

This is by no means Trump's fault, or even lack of his leadership, although he'll get shelled by the media and Democrats as a failure of his doing.  No, this sits squarely on the GOP, and I mean the ENTIRE DC GOP.  For years and years and years, they ran on repeal, and touted multiple plans to replace.  "If only they had a Republican President and control of both houses", they proclaimed........WHALAAA!!, they now have it.  And instead of putting together a simplified format, they ran on what largely amounted to in the "fixing" that Dems needed when they saw the ACA imploding.  Now granted, they removed the mandates, which was paramount, but still had too many Government fingers in the pot.

I realize the have to fashion a replacement bill that somehow appeases the conservative folk that ran on full repeal in the House, but at the same time, placate the moderate Republicans you'll need to theoretically have it pass the Senate.  They should have at the very least gotten a bill thru the House, but I do applaud the GOP in one sense.....that unlike the Dems who took Pelosi's bait, hook, line & sinker, to pass that abomination of a healthcare bill, most of them without even having read it, at least the GOP is looking at the bill in great detail and consideration.  But in the end, there should have been no excuse, NOT to come up with a replacement bill that would have passed the Republican controlled, House of Representatives

3DHS / Fear Mongering 101.....the left's calling card
« on: March 21, 2017, 07:55:10 PM »
When you listen to leftist pundits & politicians like NY Mayor DeBlasio or CA congresscritter De Leon, you'd think they were preparing their constituencies for some SWAT-like round-up of anyone, including infant children, here illegally.  Criticizing acts not just not happeneing, but at no time ever advocated as pending policy.

Thus their efforts to adopt actual legal sanctuary city or even sanctuary state "protect" those poor defenseless children, just trying to leave school to get home to their mothers

Where the hell is the media to pounce on these politicans on where they're coming up with such fear pushing rhetoric??

3DHS / The CBO "issue"....
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:10:39 PM »
Of course the Democrats are pouncing on the CBO report, proclaiming how so may are going to "lose" their coverage under the pending GOP legislation of replacement.  Just a few points of contention

a) despite initial claims, by no other than Pelosi no less, it would seem that "success" of Obamacare is simply how many people are insured, not the quality of that care or the skyrocketing premiums

b) the CBO report doesn't (actually can't until its actually in place) acknowledge the massive cost savings that would occur when individuals can actually purchase their healthcare insurance across state lines

c) and lastly, and for me, most importantly, the reason for such a proclamation that people will "lose" their coverage, is that the mandate that they MUST LEGALLY have insurance, or be deemed out of compliance, and literally be penalized under Obamacare, is in people that have "lost" their coverage, never actually lost it, they're simply no longer added by the CBO as going to have been mandated to have it.

I'm still no fan of the plan, as the Government still has too many fingers in the broth, but at the very least, the freedom to choose and access what people want, and don't want, will be back in play again

3DHS / "I'm not a lawyer, but I play one in debate forums"
« on: March 16, 2017, 03:55:44 AM »
Now...about this latest Hawaiian Judge to squelch Trump's latest EO regarding a TEMPORARY travel ban from just a FEW countries, that are predominantly Muslim.....This ruling is wrong, on so many levels.  The jist of the ruling is that the Judge proclaims that although there's no actual language that specifcally bans anyone based on their religion, the apparent jist of the EO does indeed apparently ban folks from entering this country, based on their religion. 

Let's put away the Trump hatred mindset for a few moments and deal with present Constitutional guidelines and legal precedent. 

1) Let's pretend that the Judge is exactly correct....that he was able to read the mind of Trump, and ascertain the REAL reason for the EO, that of banning Muslims from entering this country, simply because they're Muslim.  Guess what.....the Constitution gives him precisely that authority.  Constitutional protections, which includes religious protections, ONLY APPLIES TO AMERICANS, AS IN LEGAL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY.  It does NOT apply to ANYONE NOT of this country, which includes ANY person, or ANY religion.  That's egregious error #1

2) The Judge even concedes that there is no language that specifically bans anyone from this country, based on their religion.  However the Judge apparently knows how nefarious Trump is, and has decided to read into the EO, something that simply isn't there.  A gross overstepping of Judicial authority.  That's egregious error #2

3) If this was a supposed ban on all Muslims, it would have included ALL Muslim countries, and not just those that just happen to also be designated terrorist havens/training grounds, by the PREVIOUS Administration  Egregious error #3

4) Lastly, we have in previous presidents have performed precisely that, which Trump is trying to do...impose a TEMPORARY BAN on specific locations, as in countries, NOT religions.  Jimmy Carter imposed a ban on Iranian immigrants.  Where was the outrage??  The beloved FDR, one of the Left's icons, imposed a ban on even Jewish refugees, for fear of Nazi spies hiding among them.  Fricken error #4

3DHS / Professor Ryan
« on: March 09, 2017, 02:29:05 PM »
Class is in

Hate it, or hate it more, at least the GOP is up front in trying to explain the legislation, vs Peolosi's tactic of ramming it down our throats to "see what's in it"

3DHS / Merry Christmas......Live Long & Prosper
« on: December 25, 2016, 03:11:00 PM »

Not counting the ridicuolus reporting by the media of how so much "disarray" his transition team has supposedly been in....but actual words by him
- global warming
- Obamacare
- no longer going to push to fully investigate Clinton & her Foundation

3DHS / I hope xo is doing OK
« on: November 22, 2016, 07:00:21 PM »
I'm sure Clinton's defeat, or more likely, Trump's win, had to come to a huge blow, given how dead set sure he was, that he'd lose big time.  Here's hoping all is ok, that he's not one of the rioters, and that when he's recovered, he may again venture into the saloon

3DHS / Quite the Democratic hutzpah
« on: November 19, 2016, 05:49:37 PM »
It's bad enough the lectures we got about peacefully accepting the election outcome (unless of course your horse doesn't win, then its ok for riots & mass protesting), but apparently a NY Democrat congress critter, by the name of Murphy, believes that President-elect Trump should nominate Clinton for UN Secretary.

Seriously, that's what she is advocating.

Clinton operated an unauthorized and unsecure server while serving as secretary of state. She said it was approved by the State Department, she lied.  She said no classified information was sent through the server, which was also a lie.  She continued to email classified information after leaving the State Department.  She was the subject of an FBI investigation while running for president.  It was an unprecedented email system that ignored federal regulations concerning preserving communications of government officials, with an active effort to destroy said comunications, in the face of a Congresional subpoena.  And we want this person back in government?  I don't think so

3DHS / Notice the standard hissyfit the left is pulling....
« on: November 09, 2016, 06:29:39 PM »
Clinton lost, not because she's a horrible candidate with no credible accomplishments, not because she was an extension of the Obama policies that the electorate was fed up with, but because she was completely untrustworty when it came to national she lost, because the country is just a bunch of stupid, ignorant, bigoted, woman haters

3DHS / Who should be the top 3 choices to replace SoS John Kerry?
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:48:19 PM »
1st name that comes to mind is John Bolton.  I sense he'd be a perfect voice to a Trump Administration.  Any other good prospects?

3DHS / Who should be the top 3 choices to replace AG Loretta Lynch?
« on: November 09, 2016, 01:25:20 PM »
The EPA & Justice departments appear to hold the biggest stench of swamp-like corruption.  Who should be considered to lead the dept and the draining of the swamp?

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