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3DHS / How brett got his job
« Last post by kimba1 on October 09, 2018, 07:57:56 AM »
I spoke several women about it and it was like broken record about how men has no right to vote in this because we cant have children. It is exactly this kind of conflict how brett made it through.
3DHS / What i do everyday at work
« Last post by kimba1 on September 22, 2018, 01:03:55 AM »
Except those grandmothers are in wheelchairs
3DHS / Re: The Left Won?t Stop At Alex Jones
« Last post by Christians4LessGvt on September 11, 2018, 10:43:44 AM »
the answer is not for conservatives to ever believe the corrupt biased social media companies will ever change or ever be fair

it is not going to happen anymore than the CBS, NBC were ever going to change before FOX NEWS emerged on to the scene and provided an alternative

so that will need to happen with social media....Twitter, Facebook, Google, are never going to change.

wealthy conservatives need start their own social media and search sites
3DHS / Re: The Fake News Narrative is not
« Last post by Christians4LessGvt on September 11, 2018, 10:39:48 AM »
Remember with Clinton, how the news made sure to repeat the issues about "It's the Economy, stupid", ..and now you hear not a peep about the economy from the media,

so true SIRS!
Culture Vultures / crazy rich asians
« Last post by kimba1 on August 29, 2018, 01:47:51 PM »
yes I did cry watching this movie. Some would not understand not seeing david carradine or emma stone on the scene is a most welcome change.  the thing that makes this movie extremely rare is the romantic lead is played by a asian male actor. I understand he`s half but that`s also inline with the story. I`ve seen this movie twice already and haven`t passed out yet . this is a 1st
3DHS / Re: The Fake News Narrative is not
« Last post by sirs on August 29, 2018, 12:11:41 AM »
Remember with Clinton, how the news made sure to repeat the issues about "It's the Economy, stupid", thereby deflecting the rather less than stellar moral issues that were firmly attached to Bill.....and now you hear not a peep about the economy from the media, and all about the less than stellar moral issues regarding Donald Trump

You know, if the media posted even half the news that demonstrates how effective much of his political agenda has been, both foreign & domestic, his approval #'s would be well into the 60's
3DHS / The Fake News Narrative is not
« Last post by Christians4LessGvt on August 27, 2018, 07:15:47 PM »
Even NBC News knows it!

NBC/WSJ poll: Trump approval "remarkably stable" after a stormy week of bad news

by Carrie Dann and Mark Murray
3DHS / Im not saying thiers a connection to the popularity of comic book movies
« Last post by kimba1 on August 27, 2018, 02:23:10 PM »
Lately alot of men are openly staying away from women. But in business I do not hear any assurances from women they trusted to be around. legal and illegal businesses are built around trust and i hear nothing from the females they can trusted.

Im not trying to say women cannot be trusted overall . but im just pointing out a serious flaw that the metoo movement must address or live with a unexpected situation very soon. Im asking for any articles of a olive branch from women that men can safely work with women. Take my challenge
3DHS / The Left Won?t Stop At Alex Jones
« Last post by Religious Dick on August 25, 2018, 02:43:58 PM »
The Left Won?t Stop At Alex Jones. The Slippery Slope Is Real, And We?re On It
They do not want to compete in a marketplace of ideas. Their goal is to silence dissenting voices.

Jesse Kelly
Ever watch ?The Dick Van Dyke Show?? My folks used to put it on the TV for me when I was a kid. It was good comedy and harmless fun. What you may not have noticed about the show was the two main characters (a married couple) slept in SEPARATE beds in the same room. Obviously not an accurate portrayal of most marriages, the exception being Anthony Weiner?s, but in the early 1960s anything more than that would have been deemed inappropriate for public consumption. When public views on morality started shifting later that decade and television shows started getting a little more risqu?, there were immediate cries that this would be a slippery slope. There were concerns that allowing even the slightest moral degradation of Hollywood would inevitably end in Caligula-style debauchery.

The people who warned of this slippery slope were laughed off. But today, ?Sex and the City plays on regular cable with brief interruptions so Cialis can run commercials. So, about that slippery slope ?

Sorry to disappoint you modern day Puritans, but this is not an article about the Sodom and Gomorrah Sunday night TV lineup and your potential for turning into a pillar of salt. It is about the tendency of some men to deny the existence of a ravenous left and their insistence that the slippery slope is something of a myth. It is anything but a myth. The slippery slope is how the left imprints their agenda into our culture. They know many on the right have little stomach for a fight about the ridiculousness of separate marriage beds. They know once they get momentum you?ll one day have to explain to your six-year-old what ?dominatrix? means.

The federal income tax was established in 1913. (The government has not always stolen a cut of your paycheck before you get it.) There were warnings then about where that kind of sticky-fingers governing would end. The rates were 1 percent. Today the rates are almost 40 percent. In the 1930s, President Roosevelt was pushing for Social Security and folks on the right were warning of socialism. Social Security was then intended to be a temporary relief program. Today it?s a permanent retirement program for many and it?s also 14 percent of our $21,000,000,000,000 debt. Yesterday conservatives were warning about the left?s takeover of public schools and where it would lead. Today students are taught the evil of Trump?s immigration policies and football coaches lose their jobs if they pray on the field with their teams.

Many on the left and the right gave a loud cheer last week when Alex Jones was banished from Facebook. Twitter later suspended him. While it is not surprising to see the jackals on the left cheer at the burning of books, one would hope folks on the right would look in the mirror and realize their time is coming soon. The leftists will not stop (and did not stop) at nutty Alex Jones, because they do not think you are much different from him. You rightly think your belief in immigration enforcement is much different than his disgusting conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook. But you must understand the left thinks you are both equally vile. They just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they?re coming for you.

But we didn?t get a unified message of support from the pinky-out people on the right. We were scolded for defending Jones. They sang so sweetly into the left?s ears: ?Alex Jones is icky. And there is no slippery slope. And you should frankly be censored anyway, if you don?t at least have a Master?s degree.?

The same people who ceded control of public education, the federal bureaucracy, the media, movies, and music to the left have once again found another hill not worth dying on. ?It?s only social media,? they say. Yeah, fear not. Around 2.5 billion people use Facebook and Twitter. What?s the worst that can happen if we just let the left have them?

While this denial of the slippery slope is frustrating, it is also understandable if you understand the nature of man. Very few people in this world actually enjoy fighting. It is much easier on the mind to just avoid a fight. That is why so many on the right ignore the obvious truths staring them in the face. ?It?s only Alex Jones? is not necessarily something they believe to be true.

?It?s only Alex Jones? is a comforting blanket. It?s the child who closes his eyes and covers his ears in the na?ve hope that the monster disappears if you can?t see or hear him. But the monster does NOT disappear. And it is most definitely NOT just Jones. Yesterday it was Jones. Today, YouTube censored human vanilla Dennis Prager. Tomorrow, there may be a knock on YOUR door.

Freedom is not something you acquire by practicing it. You don?t one day wake up and decide you are free. Freedom is something tangible and it requires the cooperation of others. If others will not give you that cooperation, you have to take it from them. We need to stop whistling past the graveyard and realize the left is seeking total victory. They do not want to compete in a marketplace of ideas. Their goal is to silence dissenting voices.

Look down at where you?re standing at this very moment. That is where you draw your line in the sand. Do not give them another inch.
3DHS / A World Without Consequences
« Last post by Religious Dick on August 25, 2018, 02:37:42 PM »
When I was a kid, serendipity landed me in a very nice prep school for boys. The student body was mostly drawn from the upper middle class. There were a few genuinely middle class kids and a few kids from very wealthy homes. The handful of poor kids, who got there on their wits and dumb luck, naturally stood out from the crowd. At that age, kids are keenly aware of differences in class. That?s because the awareness of group status is strongest at that age. As a result it was rough going for the poor kids initially.

My first taste of it was in the locker-room for gym class. A snotty little rich kid started giving me the business. He was smaller and weaker than me and it was obvious, at least to me, that he would not fare well in a fight with me or with anyone probably. He was not tough. He persisted and when he put his finger in my chest, I put his face into a locker a few times. The one thing poor guys know is that soft men do not react well to the sight of their own blood. My nemesis started to cry and then ran for a teacher.

His friends volunteered to tell the head master that I was the villain, so I was hauled away for interrogation. That was when I discovered that there was such a thing as bourgeois values. Poor kids never rat and they never run to the authorities. In the upper middle class, it is exactly the opposite. The winner is the guy who runs to the authorities with the most convincing tale of woe. It?s just assumed that some authority with the power to pass judgement will adjudicate matters, based on a set of unwritten rules I?d never unriddle.

Lucky for me, the school was not unfamiliar with this phenomenon. My adviser was a man who had come up from the lower classes, so he understood what it was like for us. This was why, most likely, he was assigned the poor kids. This was not obvious to me at the time. He just seemed to know what was in our heads, like he was magic. That made him extremely effective at convincing all of us that we had to adapt and learn how to outwit our enemies. By resorting to violence, I had given the others a reason to dismiss me.

The lesson we were supposed to learn is that in a civilized society, verbal and cognitive skill counts for more than physical skill. The lesson I learned is that the people populating the ruling classes of American society had decided violence was no longer a concern for them. They were never going to face a physical challenge. Instead, theirs would be a life of verbal jousting, while someone else guarded the walls. Later, I came to understand that they did not even think much about the walls or the people guarding them.

This is what I suspect is at the core of the problems vexing America. The Progressive ruling class lives in a world in which real risk, physical risk, is so alien that it may as well not exist. In fact, for them, it does not exist. The worst thing they can face is ostracism, which is why they obsess about the prevailing morality. That?s not a real concern, as long as they are aware of the boundaries. For most of the people in the elite, they have plenty of money, so losing a job is not a threat in the same way it is for the Dirt People.

Nicholas Taleb would say they lack skin in the game, but I don?t think that?s right. These people are not playing a meaningless game. It is very serious to them and they are ruthless in their execution.Those status points they hope to cash in at Davos or Jackson Hole mean everything to them. When Tim Cook walks into the bathhouse in Davos, he wants everyone to know that he is the guy leading the charge to purge dissidents from the internet. It?s important to him that he be seen as the most pious of the pious.

In a world where physical violence is a real possibility, the hierarchy of concern starts at the most personal and works outward to things like financial and reputation risk. In a prior age, the King had to worry about being killed or having his heirs killed. That was a sobering thought that led to a natural conservatism. In the current age, the rulers have no fear of physical violence and little fear of losing their stuff. That leaves them playing a game of school yard politics, in which status is set by words and signalling.

This seems to be the issue with the rising tide of censorship. They keep following a pattern. One platform bans a heretic and then it is a race for all of the others to do the same. Despite the overwhelming support for gun ownership, for example, the ruling class is racing to de-platform anything gun related. It?s monkey see, monkey do, as the Judeo-Puritan ruling class signals to one another their piety and then reacts to those signals with their own acts of piety. They are like lightning bugs on a summer evening.

What never crosses their mind is what could happen if they terrorize the wrong person and he decides to take action. They never think about what could happen if the public begins to turn on them in large numbers. No one in the ruling class thinks about the mob showing up with torches and rope. They don?t even think the mob will show up at the voting booth and cast a protest vote. Instead, they assume bad election results are the doings of gremlins and magic fairies with sinister names like Boris and Natasha.

The world they have created for themselves is one  that is surrounded by high walls and armed men that are invisible to the people inside. It is just assumed that the walls will hold and the guards will never turn their guns on the people inside. It?s never considered because they never think about it. It?s why the silly airheads on Progressive media sites can viciously attack people they claim are Nazis. They never think about the possibility of the person they ruined showing up outside their door looking settle things old school.

This is why they will keep pushing with the censorship. In fact, it is accelerating, as they furiously try to out signal one another in what has become a piety festival among our ruling classes. Some of the girls at Progressive sites, with heads full of rape fantasies, dream of provoking a response, but most simply don?t think a response is possible. They no longer see any humanity in the Dirt People. We?re just here as props in their endless morality plays they stage for one another in the land of the Cloud People.
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