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3DHS / So....McCabe lied....under oath....multiple times??
« Last post by sirs on April 13, 2018, 06:21:16 PM »
Any bets on him seeing any jail time, or even fines??

3 sets of rules
1 for elite Republicans
1 for Democrats
1 for the rest of us (general purpose, run-of-the-mill Republicans, Conservatives, & Libertarians)
Thats like a giant tourist commercial. I can confrm how serious we are about tea . My family spends a moderate fortune in tea. I actually had monkey pick tea and that stuff gives me chestpains.
If I ever go to china Im gonna have to pretend I'm mexican though. My brand of chinese is not popular in that part of china and its not like they can tell . I really am pre-communist chinese. I think Im banned from my family village.
ok Kimba.....

hey have you ever seen this girl's travel YouTube channel?
i did say the rich in the capital would be feel this and  said this can be temporary. I have family there and know money to the average chinese has a much different meaning than it ndoes here. Most can do without and the fact work is so hard that a labor shortage happening right now. This might not be reported in the news my data is from family talking.
You forget china is communist which in this matter gives it a very large economic advantage in this situation . This would hurt the U.S. more than china in terms of economic strife. Remember the really poor folks in china cannot be hurt by lost jobs unlike americans since thier totally capable to live with nothing. Only the rich in the capital will feel this
no way china will not begin restructuring to cut U.S. reliance.

I hope you are right....but good luck with that...the US is by far the largest consumer market on the planet
3DHS / Re: YouTube Shooting
« Last post by kimba1 on April 06, 2018, 01:24:35 PM »
that`s the one group that never catches a break
even if china concede it`s only a temporary situation. no way china will not begin restructuring to cut U.S. reliance. we bitch too much about our dependence on other countries so how is this any difference. I do not see this as coming of a golden age of independence.  this will get very messy
Yeah sure'll do fine without US Soybeans!

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