Author Topic: from the article "Bye-Bye, Barry" in the current Counterpunch . . .  (Read 674 times)

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letters to the author from readers . . .

from Cindy (last name withheld)

<<“I voted two times for Ralph Nader during W’s reign. I did so because all my life I had voted for the “lesser of two” candidates. For the first time I found myself voting for someone I absolutely believed in, a true friend and representative of the citizen….

<<I have since come to realize that the answer no longer lies with politicians. The future lies with citizen movements like Occupy Wall Street and active involvement in maintaining democracy. Politicians, with very few exceptions, are a lying breed, telling whatever you want to hear to get elected, then spending the first half of their term patronizing you … and then spending the second half of the term whoring for more money…. The system is wrong, from top down….”>>

I get a sense that this is what is motivating the Occupy! crowd.  If this mood holds till Nov. 2012, Obama will be finished and good riddance to him.  He took his base for granted and now they just might be walking out on him.