Author Topic: Superglue controll your internet  (Read 663 times)

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Superglue controll your internet
« on: November 16, 2014, 01:01:51 AM »   

  Do you remember when there was a lot of "roll your own" ?

   Superglue is a try at making less experienced people able to make their own websites.

....................No format
 Since the concept of a homepage was completely new, there were no formats indicating what they should look like or what information they were supposed to contain. The result was a collection of pages as diverse as the people who made them.

Around 1999 that started to change, slowly the attention shifted from building your own place on the web to producing content. In 2004 people migrated to Myspace en masse and the era of user-generated content was a fact.

Formatted expressions
 Lialina points out that she isn’t longing for the webpages of old, which were often quite terrible but the shift signifies an underlying change. People had to tap into their own creativity and gained understanding of what the web is. “Lialina: “You are coding, even in WYSIWYG you think structurally. You are learning how the web works. You are not alienated [from the technology you're using] and you feel responsible.” About creativity she said: “Making a webpage is historically bound with answering existential questions. Once you’ve decided to build a webpage what is it that you have to say?” During the times of the early formatless homepage you had to come up with that answer yourself. Much different from today’s social networks’ template user profiles and preformatted questions such as ‘what’s happening’ or ‘what’s on your mind’ in the text field steering the user’s expression.

Superglue restores the freedom of free formatless expression of the nascent web.