Author Topic: Does the Road to the Future End at Dubai?  (Read 5801 times)

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Re: Does the Road to the Future End at Dubai?
« Reply #30 on: January 04, 2008, 04:59:10 PM »
Al-Qaeda and the war on terrorism deserve some of the credit for this boom. Since 9/11, many Middle Eastern investors, fearing possible lawsuits or sanctions, have pulled up stakes in the West. According Salman bin Dasmal of Dubai Holdings, the Saudis alone have repatriated one-third of their trillion-dollar overseas portfolio. The sheiks are bringing it back home, and last year, the Saudis were believed to have ploughed at least $7 billion into Dubai's sand castles.


And we haven't noticed ,a massive dearth of funds?

Checked the NASDAQ or DOW lately?

The downturn going on the past few weeks is late to be caused by 9-11, and is not so bad that it is outside the norms of fluctuation .

WE have discussed the withdrawal of foreign funds from our treasury bonds before , if it has to happen, it might be good to have it happen gradually.