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Title: — “established by the State” —
Post by: Plane on March 05, 2015, 12:36:30 AM
   Sixteen states have state run "Health Care Exchanges " , the Affordable health care act was built on the assumption that most states would establish these co-operative agencies and only a few holdouts would make the Federal government take over and build the health care exchange.
   According to that guy that thinks we are all idiots (Gruber I mean , not the President)the phrase — “established by the State” — was important to install so that the few holdouts of states could be disciplined and punished and brought into the fold by this rod in the hand of the Federal Shepard.

      If 34 states had established their own Health Care Exchanges rather than 16, I doubt that the government would want this rod to dissolve , they would be defending the intent of congress in the giving of the Federal Government this coercive power. They only want it ignored because it turns out it isn't a rod in the shepard's hand , it is more like a stick in his throat.
Title: Re: — “established by the State” —
Post by: sirs on March 05, 2015, 01:50:30 AM
As massive as this piece of crap legislation is, the wording and intent, couldn't have been any clearer....reinforced by our fine friend, Professor Gruber.  Law is law, and this wasn't some "typo".  It's intent was to politically push states into forming their own exchanges, to reap the rewards of federal tax payer payed subsidies

The "problem" however, to both the country and the GOP, is that the MSM is going to paint this as precisely that.....legislation that simply "forgot" to include any states that did or didn't set up their own exchanges.  So the "fix" is not to gut Obamination Care, as a ruling favoring the rule of law would cause, but for congress to simply edit the existing piece of crap legislation...perhaps with some amendment, and *poof*....all "fixed"