Author Topic: And we're supposed to "talk" to these folks  (Read 108525 times)

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Re: And we're supposed to "talk" to these folks
« Reply #375 on: March 18, 2007, 02:42:30 AM »
<<would you mind demonstrating for me how I'm so "unimpressed" with Arab lives lost? >>
Sirs, per your earlier request for clarification on my comment about Arab lives lost... MT answered it here fore me.

To which I've been able to demonstrate how wrong he was, thus your claim of his answering for you is apparently null & void as well.  I didn't realize the 2 of you were on a quantitative count criteria as to how many times are required in specfically referencing Arab deaths, in order to take them seriously.  I kinda thought the notion of doing what was necessary to remove the reasons for Israeli's immigratioon policies would have been enough, knowing how that specifically would decrease deaths of innocent Palestinians & Arabs. 

It's a tree/forest thing.  I'm focused in the forest
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